The one and only Gardenburger® headlines our vegetarian offerings not only for vegetarians but for those just wanting great-tasting food. Some highlights of our vegetarian menu:

The Original Gardenburger® veggie patty is low fat, low cholesterol, soy-free and contains no additives. It's all natural and made with a quality blend of mushrooms, onions, whole grains, low-fat cheese, herbs and spices. We also have Zesty-Bean Mexi and vegan soy Flame Grilled patties. The regular trimmings are lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on our fresh-baked, whole wheat bun. Vegan soy mayonnaise is also available upon request. After deciding which type of patty you prefer, there are several varieties to choose from such as the Santa Fe which, in addition to the regular trimmings, has a large Oretga® chile pepper and cheese. Soy cheese is also available upon request. Another example is the Maui Gardenburger® which, in addition to the regular trimmings, has pineapple and teriyaki sauce.

The Garden Dog is a hot dog without all the baloney! It's all natural, made with wheat protein. Try it just like any hot dog with onions, relish, catsup and mustard. Or we can top it with vegetarian chili from our very own recipe of fresh-cut vegetables, beans and lentils, made right in the Astro kitchen.

We serve Veg-Chick'n™ and Veg-Beef™ in our Fajitas. We also have a Veggie Ham Sandwich, Veggie Corn Dog and a Chik-n Grill™ which simulates a chicken breast sandwich.

We have a variety of other vegetarian offerings and feature daily specials such as the extremely popular Grilled Vegetable Sandwich on pita bread. Many of the Greek Daily specials such as the vegetarian moussaka are also meatless and made with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce.

We appreciate the support of our Vegetarian menu because we like it too!!


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