As a tribute to our Greek heritage, we're proud to offer a regular menu of Greek items plus a daily special.

One of our most popular regular menu items is the Greek Salad, consisting of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, Kalamata olives and a generous topping of feta cheese.

Gyro (pronounced YEER-o) is a sandwich of pita bread wrapped around tasty meat slices, tomato, thin-sliced onion and parsley, made extra tangy with a special sauce. Other favorites are dolmathes (rice-filled grape leaves) and The Greek Tycoon - hamburger patty on rye bread with feta cheese, tomato and grilled onions.

On our Today's Special menu board, you'll find our daily Greek special such as Yemista (rice-stuffed baked tomato or bell peppers), Spanakorizo (cooked spinach & rice), Papoutsakia (baked, stuffed eggplant), Lahanorizo (cooked cabbage and rice in fresh tomato sauce), Fasolakia (cooked green beans and potatoes), and Vegetarian Pastitsio (baked macaroni with vegetables and bechamel cream sauce topping). We use fresh tomato sauce and fresh herbs to prepare our specials.

Our breakfast nod to Greece is a three-egg omelette with fresh tomato, onion and feta cheese. This hearty fare comes with homemade hash brown potatoes and toast.

Greeks are sweet-lovers: We make fresh daily rizogalo (rice pudding) topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Other Greek treats are baklava and melomacarano cookies.

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