Each order is prepared especially for YOU - be sure to ask for exactly what you want and how you want it.  
When you're dining with a group, we offer something to appeal to almost everyone - from Greek to Mexican to Vegetarian to the all-American Hamburger!  
We prepare hash browns daily with REAL fresh potatoes and we make them crispy, not greasy.  
Our hamburger patties are fresh - NOT FROZEN - made from 100% lean ground beef.  
We charbroil our hamburgers, steaks and chicken.  
Our refried beans are made with NO LARD.  
You won't see artificial plants in the Astro, but you will notice the abundant greenery throughout and the potted herbs growing on our outdoor patio - no easy task to maintain but worth it because we like it and hope you do too!  
We do all our frying in canola oil.  
We serve not only regular coffee but espresso and cappuccino as well.  
The Heinz® catsup we serve has a smooth, balanced flavor - not too sweet and not too sour.  
Soy cheese is available for grilled cheese sandwiches or wherever you want to substitute for regular.  
Every day we hand-cut, dip and bread our famous Onion Rings and new Fried Zucchini served with ranch dip.  
Gardenburger® patties are grilled to perfection in a separate grill reserved just for them.  
We serve real natural aged Swiss cheese - not imitation.  
The hearty Pastrami sandwich is an Astroburger tradition - filled with lean pastrami, mustard and pickles.  
Orange, apple and carrot juices are squeezed fresh throughout the day. We make sure you receive the best quality available - we're very demanding in our selection.  
We don't add salt to the fries and onion rings, but leave it to your preference.  
Since day #1 we've been offering those delicious chiles on the side to accompany your meals.  
The Astro fish sandwich was highlighted in the L.A. Times. It really can't be beat!  
We use NO MSG.  
We serve low fat 2% milk.  
Try vegetarian chili on the veggie dog. The chili is our own recipe made with fresh ingredients that are low in fat but high in taste.  
We offer a choice of tortillas - spinach, wheat or flour - with NO LARD.  
Vegetarian fajitas are sautéed in a wok separate from our regular grill.  
Gardenburgers® and Veggie dogs are served on whole-wheat buns.  
The Coca Cola® bottle vending machine in the dining room is a non-operating fun display of memorabilia.  

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